Deadline for Submitting Proposals Extended

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The deadline for submitting proposals for “Virginia¹s First Annual Open and Digital Learning Resources Conference” has been extended from November 30th to January 18, 2013. This extension was recommended by the conference planning group so as to enable presenters to avoid having end of semester and/or holiday season commitments impede the preparation of proposals.

3 thoughts on “Deadline for Submitting Proposals Extended

  1. Colleen Taylor

    Although the proposal/abtract submission was extended to 1/18/2013 (not by 1/18/2013), the website is indicating that the submission is closed. Would it be appropriate to contact someone to try and have a proposal submitted directly?
    Thanks for the reply.

  2. Colleen Taylor

    Thanks… reply for organizer was

    “the deadline is today and the website apparently had it set for earlier today than intended. It should now be fixed to accept proposals until midnight.”


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