Registration closing in one week or 45 spots-whichever comes first!

Update: As of Thursday, February 21st at 5:00 PM registration is closed.

Update: As of today (Wednesday, February 20th at 1:20 PM) we are 10 spots away from closing down registration. At this rate registration will be closed this afternoon.

closing As of this evening we have 205 registrants for the conference and we have budgeted for 250. Doing the math you quickly realize we only have 45 spots left. Given this fact, we’ll be closing down registration on Friday, February 22nd, or as soon as we hit 250 registrants—whichever comes first. The conference is free, and the day promises to be inspiring (you can see a draft of the schedule here) so be sure to register now before it’s too late.

Image credit Connemarathon 2013

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